About Us

ABC Systems is dedicated to providing its customers complete technology and consulting solutions. ABC offers a broad portfolio of solutions for Outsourcing services, information technology, and business processes. The industries in which we operate are diverse and include accounting, legal, government, real estate, public relations, pharmaceutical, education, finance, and retail, among others. 

ABC maximizes the return on investment in Information Technology. We apply our knowledge of the world of technology to solve specific problems for each company we work with. 

Our portfolio offers a tailor-made range of solutions which range from general maintenance of equipment and applications, development of new business processes, and the implementation of solutions for desktop, server and Web hosting. 

ABC was founded in 1998 as a company dedicated specifically to users’ education. Soon after, ABC takes a turn and becomes a company of Outsourcing Information Technology. This is when ABC applies the knowledge of technology to enhance customer processes. Being successful at this, ABC grows and starts to diversify. In 2000, ABC begins to develop database systems for desktop and web applications. In 2002, ABC introduces Outsourcing for technology asset control & inventory. Due to the particular needs of the market, the company creates ABC Home, which provides technology services to specific users; this area grows and creates a spinoff company, Pybo Technologies, in 2006.

ABC continues to enter and explore in new areas of technology, in order to provide an integrated service to clients.